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Posey by tapioca-ink
Quackers  by JadeJellie
Yellow Bell by saffronadopts
MLP Bangles finds her bow by andpie
Drawings and Paintings - Digital
Magic feathers by Ketrin0cat
Kawaii Maud by lula-moonarts
party pie by Conphettey
Ponified Flame-Light Pony for Vautaryt by xHalesx
Drawings and Paintings - Traditional
COM: Captain Olimare by MustLoveFrogs
COM: Bubblespoon by MustLoveFrogs
COM: Silvy Is a Zelda by MustLoveFrogs
Ember by kiinastar
Accessories, Clothing, and Cosplay
MLP- In the Spotlight by K-KatCosplay
Okey-Dokey-Lokey! by VivienneCorner
Wearable Pinke headcrab, final version by P0w3rPorco
AppleJack cosplay by Bizarre-Deer
Customized Figures - Official Ponies
generation 3 Italy Minty custom by LightningSilver-Mana
TroubleShoes by Nikki-M-Garrett
1980 vintage MLP cartoon background pony by LightningSilver-Mana
Celestial Fancy Swirl g3 customs by LightningSilver-Mana
Customized Figures - Custom Ponies
Graystan Figure and chest by Malte279
A.I.C.O. Incarnation custom pony set by LightningSilver-Mana
Purple Tide Pod pony by LightningSilver-Mana
Tide Pod pony numero 3 by LightningSilver-Mana
Fanmade Plushes
MLP Aria Blaze Plush (commission) by Little-Broy-Peep
MLP Sonata Dusk Plush (commission) by Little-Broy-Peep
MLP Pear Butter Plush (commission) by Little-Broy-Peep
MLP Mayor Mare Plush (commission) by Little-Broy-Peep
Other Crafts
Agricola Rye (my first ever pyrography) by Malte279
Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark Window Decoration by Malte279
Applejack Cutie Mark Window Decoration by Malte279
Colonia in winter by Malte279
Photography and Restoration
January Carnation Conga by LittleKunai
Soda Float by LittleKunai
20180218 God Is Dead by PetersonPhotos
Skippitty Doo by Soulren
3D and Animations
babies first flipnote! by TipsyGma
Pony Gallop Animation by LCibos
Playtime with Applejack by 1n33d4hug
Pear Butter Test Pose by TheRealDJTHED
Lineart and Bases - Original Lines for Coloring
Free Line Art #3 by Taski-Guru
Secret Santa
Secret Santa: Flicksi by pbcpony
Draw This Again by FableDreams
Non-Member Submissions
Feel the Good Vibes by Kenisu-of-Dragons
Hey there kids! New month, new theme. This time around, the theme is flowers. If you choose to draw something for this month's theme, you've got a lot to choose from! A pony with a flower cutie mark, a flower-related name, or even just a random pony picking flowers or arranging a bouquet. Participation is completely optional, so don't feel pressured to create anything! And if you're not inclined to do anything special, you can still comment below discussing your favorite flower pony!
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DarkEarthDragon Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2018  Student General Artist
Neat group! I do appreciate the add. I currently run :iconmy-little-dragons: and will let them know about this group! Again I do appreciate the request! Happy Valentines day!
CassidyPeterson Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2018  Hobbyist
Woo! That group looks super cool! I'll have to check it out properly once I get back to my desktop :D
DarkEarthDragon Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2018  Student General Artist
leonaenae Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2018
Thank you for adding my pony Barnacle to your gallery!
AmberPone Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
[MLP] Ichigo (contest prize) by AmberPone Does it count? It's an earth pony, and has wings only because of a spell :v
CassidyPeterson Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2017  Hobbyist
Because she has wings, it would not count even though she is naturally an earth pony. Sorry!
AmberPone Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, good thing I asked ^^
Shadowgirlfan Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017
don't you do any Pony-of-the-month-polls anymore?
CassidyPeterson Featured By Owner Edited Apr 5, 2017  Hobbyist
It became difficult to create polls that were fairly balanced and included ponies that hadn't previously won already. The lack of art for previous generations and overabundance of art for FiM also made it complicated to find/choose art for the ponies on the polls. For personal reasons, I have also simply not had the energy to track the polls and arrange features for the winners in a timely manner.
Shadowgirlfan Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017
oh that's set.
and what about just featuring one pony, without holding a contest for it? that would be one issue less.
and for the pools you could use the "losers" again?
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